The Magic Onion: Things You Didn’t Know Onions Could Do

Onions are commonly added to numerous traditional meals all around the world, and despite their distinctive flavor and delicious taste, they have powerful medicinal properties.

Onions are rich in sulphur, which provides strong antibiotic and antiseptic properties, boost the immune system, and are one of the best natural vomiting remedies.

They treat common colds and the flu and relieve coughs, bronchitis, and respiratory infections. Moreover, the high amounts of the antioxidant Quercetin in onions prevent free radical damage, and along with sulphur, regulate blood sugar, cholesterol levels, and prevent arthritis, and heart disease.

Here is how to use onions to treat various ailments and health issues:

Vomiting- Grate a white and yellow onions, squeeze the juice, and wrap them in a cheesecloth. Brew some peppermint tea, and leave it to cool. Next, drink 2 teaspoons of the onion juice and wait 5 minutes, and then drink 2 teaspoons of the cool peppermint tea. Repeat several times to treat the vomiting, and you will need about 15 minutes to soothe nausea as well.

Fever- Rub some coconut oil on the bottom of the feet, and then place onion slices on the foot arch. Wrap the feet, and put on socks. This will detoxify the body and treat fever.

Breakup chest congestion- Prepare a paste by mixing crushed onions with some coconut oil, and apply it on the chest. Cover with a towel, and put on your top.

A cough- Peel the onion, slice it in half, and cover the halves with brown sugar. After an hour, you can eat the halves to relieve a cough.

Cuts- The transparent film of the skins of onions has powerful antiseptic properties, and immediately stops the bleeding

Make Skin Glow- Mix 2 tablespoons of gram flour, 1 1/2 tablespoons of onion juice (freshly extracted), 1/2 teaspoon of milk, and a pinch of nutmeg, and apply the paste on the skin and neck to make it glow.

Fight The Effects of Aging-Massage the skin with fresh onion juice to boost blood circulation and

Reverse Gray Hair- add 5 onions to a liter of water and boil for about 10 minutes. Then, strain, leave it to cool, and apply the mixture to the scalp along with the shampoo.

Treat freckles- Rub onion slices on the freckles to reduce their appearance and eliminate them

Hair loss- To stop hair loss, and stimulate the growth of the hair, rub some onion juice on the scalp

Purify the air- On several plates, place onions slices, and put them all around the house to cleanse the air from viruses and bacteria.

Ear pain/infection– In a sock, place the chopped chunks of an onion, tie it, and place it on the painful ear.

Colic- The Cherokee Indians boiled some diced yellow onion in water, left it too cool, strained it and gave the babies a teaspoon on every hour to treat the symptoms.

Here are some of the health benefits of the consumption of onions:

--    Improve Immune System

--    Promote Respiratory Health

--    Improve Heart Health

--    Enhance Eye Health

--    Lower Blood Sugar Levels

--    Improve sleep

--    Helps digestion

--    Improve bone health

--    Increase energy levels

--    Relieve menopause symptoms

--    Reduce oxidative stress

--    Boost brain health

--    Improve oral health

--    Prevent the formation of blood clots

--    Improve Sexual Health

Start consuming and using onions on a daily basis, and you will reap all their benefits!