This is The Healthiest Diet. It Treats Depression, Migraines, and Leads to Weight Loss

Researchers maintain that the answer to obesity and numerous other health issues is nutritional ketosis. A ketogenic diet actually shifts the metabolic engine of the body from burning carbohydrates to burning fats.

Namely, 50 to 70 percent of the food intake in this diet come from beneficial fats, like avocado, coconut oil, grass-pastured butter, raw nuts, and organic pastured eggs, and involves a very low intake of carbs, in order to stimulate the body to start burning fat as an energy source.

At this point, as the liver processes fat, the body produces ketones. explains:

“The end goal of a properly maintained keto diet is to force your body into this metabolic state. We don’t do this through starvation of calories but through starvation of carbohydrates.

Our bodies are extremely adaptive to what you put into it – when you overload it with fats and take away carbohydrates, it will begin to burn ketones as the main energy source.”

These are the benefits of this diet:

Weight Loss

You will lose weight in the easiest way if you avoid carbs. This diet is very low in carbs, moderate in protein, and high in fat. This stimulates the body to rely on fat as a primary energy source and to produce ketones from the fat deposits in the body.

Protects the brain

Studies have found that ketogenic diets can reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. A study found that Parkinson’s patients who followed a 4-to-1 ketogenic diet improved their symptoms by 43 percent in a month.

Scientists also claim that such a diet is beneficial in the case of autism, as research has found that most autistic children experienced improvements after following a cyclical ketogenic diet for 6 months. One article says:

 “Autism shares some features with epilepsy, and many people with autism experience seizures related to the over-excitement of brain cells.”

Science confirms that ketogenic diet may stimulate the metabolic engine in the body. All you have to do is eat healthy fats. Is there any better way to add more avocado and coconut oil to your menu?

Free-range eggs, raw nuts, and grass-fed butter will also become part of your daily diet. The intake of carbs is reduced to a minimum, and the body is sort of obliged to burn fat for energy. Seems amazing, right? Well, that’s how ketogenic diet works. Who thought that you could use weight without counting your calories?

There is a strong connection between your eating habits and your mind. Renowned health experts confirm that the keto diet can help you fight depression. When on a keto diet, your body releases more GABA, a neurotransmitter that improves your brain function. Low levels of GABA increase your risk of anxiety and depression.

A ketogenic diet regimen will also help you lose weight, and yes, you will feel much better. Let’s not forget that obesity makes you depressed sometimes.

Eating this way will reduce your cravings, and you will also be able to control your migraine. Your energy will grow, and you will actually get your life back. Say ‘goodbye’ to your pain and brain fog. This will make you more confident, and feel like yourself again.

Many people say that the first few weeks were awful. However, you will feel much better once you go through all the ups and downs. Enjoy you energy boost and excitement!